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                                                                 SoundCloud: Features And Issues

Read all about SoundCloud here in this article. Everyone will get to know about the various features and problems coming in this application. 

It's an online streaming app, which streams audio and music online. It's a great platform in which you can distribute and upload your music to share with your friends. You can create your own channel. When you get started with SoundCloud it’s a best and simple. Here you see some of the best and most useful SoundCloud features. 

Create an account 

When you signed up for a SoundCloud account, you take full benefit of the SoundCloud features. You can sign up for Google or Facebook account and you can also directly signup from the register. When you love music or you are the musician then add a link to your website on your profile. 

Now share and post your sound 

When your profile is set, then you should add or share your music or song on that profile, it's a free account. When you upload a song to your profile you should enter your title and description and use tags also. 

Making your playlist 

When you organize your own song for an album or to compete to the other songs, it is an easy to make a playlist in SoundCloud. You can add your music to your playlist by selecting an add to playlist button.  
When you add in a playlist, you should change the name, permalink, edit tags and add images. When it's complete now you listen to your music on your playlist or continuously play without any break. Click the SoundCloud Tech Support

Share and downloading your music 

When you add a music to your app. Then follow it, share it with your groups and friends on facebook, twitter, google+ and many more.  You can visit
When you share the song you simply copy and paste the HTML code of your link in your own can change its color and size of the icon by clicking on it. 
Simply click on download icon below the wave to download the track.  Also, read about Google Play Music Support

Follow the users 

Here you can follow the others users also on the social networking site. When you like to listen to a music then you can follow that profile by clicking on a follow button. Also, check Google Support
If you interested to listen to free music, the SoundCloud is an app to install on your device. It provides free music services app that connects with the social media. When you use the app and face issues related to it then visit SoundCloud site. 


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